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Knowledge is power.

The following is a list of books we have found informative and useful in our work in sudan.

Power, Samantha
"A Problem From Hell; America and the Age of Genocide"
2002, Perennial Books, New York, New York

Hedges, Chris
"War is a force that gives us meaning"
2003, Anchor books, New York, New York

Neuffer, Elizabeth
"The key to my neighbor's house"
2001, Picador press, New York, New York

Spoerry, Anne
"They call me Mama Daktari"
1996, Moulin Publishing, Ontario, Canada

Caputo, Phillip,
"Acts of faith"
2005, Alfred Knopf Pub., New York, New York

Gordon, Murray,
"Slavery in the Arab world"
1989, New Amsterdam Press, New York, New York

Bales, Kevin
"Disposable people, new slavery in the global economy"
1999, University of California Press, Berkley, California

Jok, Jok Madut,
"War and slavery in Sudan"
2001, University of Pennsylvania Press, Philadelphia, PA

Deng, Francis Mading,
"The Dinka of Sudan"
1972, Waveland Press, Prospect Heights Illinois