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My Sister’s Keeper is women-led and women-focused. We are a faith-inspired, multi-racial collective of women who pool our diverse relationships and resources to usher in joy for women throughout the world—and particularly those in Sudan. We exist to be a friend to women—we listen to their stories, we learn about their needs, we convey their aspirations. We are a catalyst for change. We harness our “sister power” to advance political, social and economic justice for all women and girls.


For decades, Sudanese women have suffered oppression and conflict throughout all Sudan. My Sister’s Keeper partners with these amazingly resilient women as they strive for sustainable peace and work to rebuild their communities. We focus on three pathways to peace: Kunyuk School for Girls, Akon, South Sudan; Women’s Peace School, Akon, South Sudan; Sisterhood for Peace.


We carry out this vision and mission with humility and with joy. We have been empowered by God, and likewise, we respond to God's call to sisterhood and to service.